Date Night

Terry and I had scheduled a date night a few weeks ago.  It was kind of sporadic, and the conversation took place only through text message.  To make a long story short, I misunderstood the plan, and Terry ended up waiting at the restaurant for me for an hour.


To make it up to him, we decided to try it again but this time with a side of shopping.  After enduring several “I hope to see you there” jokes from Terry, we decided to meet at the Galleria at 6:15, starting with the new Banana Republic Mad Men collection.  Since we are such loyal BR fans, they sent us an invite to the private viewing party. The party was Wednesday, but we still wanted to see the goods.  I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with the collection and ended up with only one new shirt.

Terry on the other hand, has a whole new wardrobe.  And he looks so cute for spring!

Being an accountant (and my father’s daughter), I always struggle to spend money on things that aren’t necessary.  I love shopping, but I also love having financial security.  Since we are planning on a trip to Germany in 6 months, I am like a bear going into hibernation.  I feel like anything extra must be hoarded for the trip.  Or for something else that could maybe happen that would require big bucks.

Terry is a great sport about it all.  He puts up with my three different savings accounts (they all have differing levels of significance to me.  I told you I can be kind of OCD), and he values the importance of paying down his law school loans while building a foundation for the future.  But he also sees the big picture way better than I do.

Last night he also was cognizant of the fact we have six months before possibly starting a family.  He reminded me that we won’t get to just meet at the mall and shop once we have kids, and he knows I’ll probably be even more anal then about our savings.  Let’s be honest, we all know a fourth account is on the horizon.

He wasn’t pleased I didn’t like anything at Banana, so he made me go to Lululemon.  He knows my weaknesses all too well.  He said we weren’t leaving the mall until I shopped, meaning I had to fill a bag with something.  His argument: if we don’t do it now, when will we?

He has a bright future as a litigator.

Begrudgingly, I decided he was right, and I surprised myself by how easily I found spending the money.  I guess you can completely suppress everything.  I still feel kind of strange with all the ridiculously nice new workout clothes.  I totally don’t need them.  I wasn’t ashamed to rock my “vintage” sorority t-shirts at the gym.  But I’ll be damned if I don’t think my tush does look so much better in those pants.

Afterwards we celebrated our freedom with dinner at Ousie’s Table.  It was expensive, it was yummy, and Terry had never been.   They had a piano player at the bar wearing the most ridiculous hair piece.  Of course that cracked us up.  We are terrible.  We really did enjoy having him play all night.  The name of our wine translated to “bull’s blood”.  Terry kept telling me it was a $400 bottle of wine just to watch me freak out.  Don’t worry, I got a glimpse of the receipt as we left to make sure he was really joking with me.  We decided to swear on bull’s blood that if we weren’t pregnant by September 2013, we would do this all again.   Not a bad deal! Hopefully the Mad Men collection improves by that time.

So we blew a wad of cash and had a great time doing it.  What are your twenties for if you can’t do that?  Detox, cleanse and splurge! ha.