Oh Angie

Our girl Angelina is in the news a little more frequently than usual these last few weeks.  She is out promoting her directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey, so with that comes the obligatory stream of interviews.

The most recent of her quotes include the following:

When asked in an interview with Marie Claire magazine about having more children, she says:  “Nothing planned at the moment, but we just don’t know. I could end up pregnant,”

Oh Angie, I love the casual drama of “I could end up pregnant”.  I’m sure she chose her words wisely just to keep us all a buzz.  However, can we all agree this is something you say after your, oh I don’t know… first baby? To be this casual after SEVEN makes me think they really are going for 14 children.  She ain’t scurred.

Like any newlywed, my whole married life I’ve been so annoyed with people asking me when I would start a family.  It is such a personal question, and although I know it comes from a good place, I still don’t love being put on the spot like that.  I guess Angie and I have that (like so many other things) in common.  What I’m surmising from this article is that no one quits asking you.  Not even after your 6th child.

I’m going to steal Angie’s line of “I could end up pregnant” to arm myself for the rest of the holiday party circuit this year.  If only I could copy her sexy pout too.