Pregnancy in the Nude

Can we talk about this for a minute?  I was email chatting with friends, and we were commenting on the obvious overshare on behalf of Ms.  Simpson.  Our discussion began with how her daughter and Nick Lachey’s child will constantly be compared in the press.  We went so far as to suggest they might be the modern day Montagues and Capulets, should the Lachey’s have a son.  How awkward would that be if they fell in love.  Newlyweds part 2!!   I personally, would love it.  So would MTV.

PS: yes, this is how I chose to spend my extra time during the day.

Our conversation made its way to discussing how no “real” person would take a nude pregnancy picture.  Most people we know cringe at the thought of maternity pictures in general.  Who wants to capture the moment you feel the most gross of your entire life on film?  Maybe I need to be 7 to 8 months pregnant and have a personal trainer that works me out 6 days a week for an hour and a half to see the beauty in it. Celebs on the other hand, get away with this display of intimacy (for lack of a better word) and go about their day.  Why is that?  The attention?  It funds the college savings plan?  Art?

I did think Demi Moore rocked it in 1991.  She will forever allowed to be considered “timeless” in this shot because she was the first person to do it.

Would you not die if I had you over for dinner post pregnancy and BAM naked pregnant Molly on the wall greets you before your appetizer does?  It is a strange concept for the average girl to wrap her arms around.  Not to mention that Terry would probably injure any poor soul that stared at it for too long.  That is assuming we suspend reality and pretend he would even let the picture be taken.

But just for funsies I had my friends with much cooler bachelors degrees than myself work a little magic for me.  Behold:

I think we can all agree I should never go blonde.