Can't Fit into My Mommy Genes

Month: May, 2012

The Pill

Today has been rather slow at work.  A much welcomed change.  So I decided to take a mental “smoke” break and check out pinterest.  Once I found the end of the internet there, I moved on to googling “pregnancy”.

Maybe shouldn’t have done that.  Terry is constantly making fun of all the internet research I do because most the time it is completely over-exaggerated, or possibly not even true.  However, I can’t shake what I just read:

“If you use the pill or patch or shot — or another form of hormonal contraceptives, the sooner you stop, the faster your cycle can return to its natural groove. Hormonal contraceptives usually contain a combo of estrogen and progesterone, which keeps you from getting pregnant by suppressing ovulation or preventing implantation. That’s why it can take a few months after going off birth control for your hormones to get up to speed again and for your period to come regularly. Talk to your practitioner about the best time to get off your birth control: Generally, three months is the preferred time for women using the pill or patch, but it can take up to nine months (or longer) for your reproductive system to bounce back if you use the Depo-Provera injection.”

Como se what? Three to nine months?!!! That means only two weeks of birth control left for me.

I wish I could capture the image of the freak out occurring at my desk right now.  It probably looks something like this.

This is all just happening so fast.  You should know that my mother received the same advice almost exactly 35 years ago, and in a little less than two months from now my oldest brother will be turning 34.   I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to those kind of returns just yet.  At the same time, what if it does take longer than expected?

Any advice is welcomed here.  In the meantime, I’m going back to pinterest.  The happy place where no one scares you with statistics or facts.


Below Average?

I just attended a personal finance “lunch and learn” at work today.  The presentation was intended for women, and the lady from Ameriprise Financial did an outstanding job.  I always preach that doing as much as possible to save for the future is an important goal for everyone to have; but do we always do what we are supposed to?  Of course not.  I was happy to have this class motivate me personally to work harder at making sure our financial future is secure.

However, there was one incredibly scary portion of the presentation.  Scarier to me than the threat of no social security check for me at retirement.  Scarier than the idea of increased tax rates, and scarier than the giant national deficit.  Ok maybe not that scary, but you get my point.

The average cost of a child:  $214,260

I nearly choked on my lunch when she revealed this little factoid.  My friend, Jennifer, couldn’t help but smirk at my reaction.

And since we are being so honest with ourselves here, when do I ever do anything average?  My whole life I’ve always tried for better than average.  It stresses me out to be just mediocre.  Thus my life as an Aggie football fan has proven quite difficult at times.

Is now the time to start being average?  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’ve had my eye on a $1,000 crib for over a year now.  That is no average crib.  Maybe I can offset the cost of the crib with cheap clothes?  I’m very good at shopping in my own closet.  Maybe I will do the same with my child!

Somehow this doesn’t reassure me.  One of the biggest reasons I have put off having a child for as long as I have is because I wasn’t sure I was ready for the financial commitment.   $214,260 is one big pill to swallow.  This is basically like paying off law school over and over again.  Lame!

At the same time I can’t help but think it is a bargain for little precious people who look like me and Terry and who will love and care for us when we are old and loony.

So no time like the present to start saving!  Hopefully God doesn’t fufill my mother’s prayers for me to have a child just like me one day.  I know I probably shattered the average cost for my parents.  Oops.  I love you parents!

Maxwell Drew

News like this terrifies me.  9lbs 13oz is just a nice way of saying “my baby was basically 10 pounds!  You should feel really really bad for me!!!”

And I do Jess.  I really really do.  I hope and pray you had a c-section.

I do love the name though!  Middle school will be rough when she is only refered to as “Maxi Pad”, but she will get over that when she rushes in college and makes everyone call her Maxwell Drew officially.

In other news, I’m officially accepting surrogate applications as of May 1st, 2012.  hahaha kidding.  But not if you are interested in the job.