Sentry Pro: A Public Service Announcement

by Molly

Last night several things happened that kept me up for most of the night:

  1. I made a loaf of banana bread.  Terry had put in a special request for a batch, and since he was gone most of the night lawyering,  I thought it was a good way to kill some time.  I mistakenly thought banana bread was really only considered a breakfast food.  Terry introduced me to the concept of it as a dessert by serving it to me with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream.  He has an uncanny ability to make food taste ridiculously good while at the same time lose any redeeming healthy qualities.
  2. I couldn’t remember if I paid the water bill or not.  Visions of my water being turned off/showering at the gym made me panic and search for said bill.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  After 20 minutes of searching, I tracked down an old statement to use to log in.  Turns out it was paid.  I paid another $50 just for piece of mind.  Funny how I keep everyone else’s bills paid, but my own are always touch and go.
  3. At 11PM I got a call from my brother, Marc, informing us that their dog, Maya, (pronounced My-Jaa, as she is Colombian) was very sick.  They had given her a dosage of Sentry Pro flea and tick killer that ended up causing a terrible reaction.  She was running into the walls and itching uncontrollably.  Marc said it was similar to what you would expect from a crack addict getting clean.  It gives me goosebumps to imagine that sweet dog being in such pain.  We spent at least an hour reading about 75 DEATHS of sweet dogs just like Maya that were killed by this medicine.  To quote Ross from Friends, “THEY SHOULD PUT THAT ON THE BOX!!!”  All jokes aside, we were very alarmed and praying for the best possible outcome.   We got good news this morning that Marc and Caro reacted in just the right way at the right time.  Maya should be good as new in about 5 days.  Maya is very lucky to have such calm and collected parents.  Had the situation happened to me, I would have probably gone postal on the creators of Sentry Pro while Terry called his mom and Marc and Caro to see what to do.

 Get well soon Maya!