Escape from the 610 Loop

by Molly

This weekend was a much needed escape from the city.  Terry and I headed up to my parents house on the lake for a weekend away with family.  My aunt and uncle were in town from Colorado visiting, and two of my siblings were going to make the voyage as well.  It was a packed house which always equals fun.

After eating a second meal upon arrival Friday night (what is it about being at your parents that makes you want to stuff your face as much as possible?), we chatted around the dinner table for hours.  It was an early to bed night because we were waking up to go watch Maggie and Anna run a half marathon early Saturday morning.  Yes, this is also the race that I paid $91 to run in, but couldn’t due to tendonitis.  Even though I was sad to be on the sidelines, it was completely worth it to watch both Maggie and Anna set new personal records and both break the two hour time threshold of victory.

Given such a successful morning, celebration was in order.  We packed up and headed back to the lake for a day of relaxing.  The boys went to play golf, and we ladies basically laid around/ate/slept/and gabbed while enjoying a truly gorgeous day.  We even had a tea party with Lucy.  Lucky for me, she was serving hot water in lieu of tea.

Maggie noted that I took many a nap while the kids played around me.  I should probably remind her that naps are on the baby bucket list. She knows I can sleep through anything.

Once I woke up for the last time (Terry pulled me off the couch because he said I was missing out), I was greeted with a delicious happy hour spread.  The girls were already one bottle of Sophia in, and the boys had obviously been partaking in a “box of bocks” on the course.  I had catching up to do.  While generously serving myself some brie, Terry brought me a class of champ.

We really didn’t leave the table for much else for the rest of the night.  I did help Lucy go potty (so generous, I know), and then I played with her and my mom until her bed time.  She was playing with her doll house, and she couldn’t find the baby.  Naturally, I cracked a few Lindbergh baby jokes. I blame Sophia.

Later on the night, Maggie let herself be overserved which was truly great because she never ever gets drunk now that she is a mom.  That meant the boys were on child duty, so all of the girls got a little tipsy.  We couldn’t let Maggie be drunk alone.  What are sisters for?  We ended the night with a few Disaronnos on the rocks and drunk dialed my brother Marc and his wife since they were missing in action.  Secretly I also wanted Carolina to say “Disaronno on the rocks” in her Colombian accent.  I guess that isn’t a secret anymore.

Sunday was a slow morning for everyone (except Lucy), and a sad realization we had to go back into the real world.  Sometimes weekends are never long enough.