Six Months and Counting

by Molly

Happy March!

This morning I woke up fairly early (given my recent new routine) to try jogging for the first time in almost two months. My doctor never really gave me a time frame to not run, so I felt like two months was completely appropriate to do other lamer forms of cardio. I suited up in my fancy new Mizunos that I was recently fitted for, and I was off. My brother, Marc, gave me the most genius idea ever to keep from getting bored on long solo runs: Audiobooks! How have I never thought of this before?! New shoes, new book, new Molly. Bring on the day.

Itunes wasn’t giving me the greatest selection, and I wanted something fairly lighthearted in an effort to stop myself from zoning out. I settled on Rob Lowe’s new memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends. I was borderline not excited about the choice, but it was reasonably priced, so what the heck. I almost tripped over myself when I realized Mr. Lowe would be reading the whole story to me AND the first chapter is about his brief friendship with John F. Kennedy Jr. Not a terrible way to start exercising or your day.

I didn’t want to re-injure myself, so I alternated running for a minute and walking for a minute for a little over 2 miles. I was about 5 minutes in when I realized that I probably should have brought Louis with me. Am I a terrible mom, or what? Here I am gushing over Rob Lowe’s voice and poor little Lou is at home not getting to see the light of day ever. I felt terrible.

Once I finish up the run/walk, I blend myself a smoothie (the one thing I kept in my life from the Goop detox) and get ready for work. I’m heading out the door later than I wanted, but still at a respectable 9am. I just happened to check my phone before getting in my car and HOLY LORD I HAVE A CLIENT MEETING AT 9:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I completely freaked. I decided not to call my parents (I normally do on the drive in), so that I could focus solely on driving as safely and quickly as possible. I made it to work at an impressive 9:20 and thankfully all other parties to the meeting were late. No one noticed my disorganization, and I think I’ve finally calmed down from the rush.

However, while driving in solace I realized that in six months from today I’m going to stop taking birth control for the first time since I was 16 years old. I know, kind of a random thought for my wild ride in, but I guess I’m kind of random when Rob Lowe is not addressing my thoughts.

SIX MONTHS. Maybe it was the stress of my forgotten meeting, but I definitely feel like something heavy just dropped on my chest. It just doesn’t seem like enough time. I can’t even remember to bring my dog on a walk/run with me. Heck, I can’t even really run right now. What does pregnancy do to your achilles tendon? I don’t want to know. I just learned yesterday that Leap Year is every 4 years. I mean, this is what I’m working with. I do have one ace in the hole. Terry. He is out of his ankle boot now, so I guess that completely restores our total credibility.

I am excited. Just also freaked out. So much to do in so little time!