The Eye of The Tiger

by Molly

Last night Uverse was restored in our home.   Shamefully I have to admit there wasn’t a problem with our Uverse service at all.  The problem turned out to be the main wire was slightly pulled out of the  outlet in the wall.  Terry discovered the problem, so we are still allowing Uverse to comp our bill with only the tiniest bit of guilt.

Since we had zero recorded TV (so sad!) to watch, we decided to see what was actually on  live TV.  I know, commercials are so 2001.  I ran upstairs to change clothes and when I came back down, Terry had settled on a Rocky marathon.  I practically ran down the stairs once I heard the theme song.

PS.  You should know I’m obsessed with Rocky.  I think they are the greatest movies ever and I don’t care who knows it. 

We watched most of Rocky II before I had to leave to meet my sister and trainer at the gym.  What better to get you motivated to work out than the Rocky theme song?  Well at least you would think that, but the truth is I didn’t want to leave Rock and Terry behind.  I felt like it was a rude thing to do to the Rocky Movie Marathon gods or something.  I like being periodically blessed with the marathons, and I don’t want that to go away!   As I was soaking in the last bit of Awesome vs. Apollo Creed, I told Terry I was only going to work out in all gray sweat suits and red bandanas until bikini season.

Hold the raw egg cocktail please.

When I got home, I was just in time to catch Rocky and Apollo headed of to California to train (and to prove Terry wrong, as he thought that happened in Rocky IV. Silly boy.) Watching all of them back to back only makes more obvious the plastic surgery Sly Stallone had between II and III.  I guess that is what it takes to get the eye of the tiger.  I wonder if you can request his nose job by addressing it as such?  ha kidding.