Pregnancy in The Hills

by Molly

I haven’t given celebrity stalking my full attention lately. And this is how I’m rewarded.

I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. What I do know, is that anyone who has dated Justin Bobby probably needs to detox for a few years before having children.

Can we also mention that she recently only became re-engaged to the father? If her publicist hasn’t told her yet, she should know this screams “we all know you quit taking your bc pills thinking you would trap him into marrying you”.

In other news, Terry and I spent the weekend mostly indoors since the weather was rainy. Between visits from the builder (we have a huge roof leak), visits from the Uverse technician (I HATE YOU UVERSE), and my silly work hours, we ate a lot food via delivery and rented a million movies through Terry’s X-Box. As a result, I have updated my “movies to see” list fairly substantially.

Sunday we had some early morning visitors. Drew, Lucy, and Hayes came by to visit while Maggie and Anna tackled a 12 mile run. I might have mentioned to Drew while in my groggy state that in the land of no kids, 8:15 was absurdly early on a Sunday to “hang out”. Even so, I was happy to see them, and I watched Thumbelina for the first time ever. Later that night, we had the privilege of attending the Houston Rodeo’s “Best Bite” Competition at this year’s Rodeo Uncorked event with my friend Rebecca and her family. It. Was. Awesome. Unlimited food and wine from the best restaurants in Houston, need I say more? I’m subsisting on smoothies and salad all day as a result.