by Molly

I feel terribly guilty that I haven’t posted all week.   I keep trying to think of something fun to post, but I honestly don’t have that many exciting things happening to me right now due to my hectic work/no life balance.

Here are the high points for you:

  • I don’t even remember what I did Friday night.  I think sleep maybe?  I warned you this may not be exciting.
  • We made up for Friday on Saturday.  Terry and I did not set an alarm clock for the first time in a long time.  We slept in, shopped 19th street in the Heights, had lunch, and then I got a much needed workout in.  Later in the day we attended our nephew, Hayes’, first birthday party/happy hour.   It was the perfect way to celebrate this little stud.  You know you are cool when you are one year old and people join you for happy hour.   Instead of working like I thought I would after the party, I ended up going to dinner with my parents and Anna and consuming a lot of wine.   This is also the day we found out Whitney Houston died.  I was devastated.  Sure crack is wack, but her voice has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.
  • Sunday I worked ALL day.  I wore my favorite baggy fleece pants and Uggs to work out of protest.   No one was actually there to see me, but somehow I still feel like I stuck it to the man.  Note:  I did still wear mascara, so I wasn’t a complete hobo.  Thankfully, I was able to shut down shop just in time for the Grammy’s.  Anna hosted us at her house for a delish dinner.   On my way home from work, I swung by to pick up Terry.  When he asked how far out I was, I just replied “be there in 2.  and bring the box of wine.”  Good thing because the Grammy’s were pretty lacking this year.
  • Monday I worked until midnight.   Stop being so jealous of my job.
  • Tuesday turned out to be probably my favorite Valentine’s day ever.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a bad one just because I love the idea of a day centered around flowers, hearts, and the color pink, but this one just seemed to be the most special for a number of reasons.  Terry sent me a gorgeous bouquet at work.  I know it is a Hallmark holiday, but I still love that he sends me flowers and makes a big deal out of it for me.  He also cooked me a wonderful dinner paired with two outstanding wines that he had picked out (they were bottled – we church it up for special occasions).  At the end of the night, we decided to pick up dessert from one of our favorite restaurants.  Thankfully it is just down the street, as we probably shouldn’t have been operating motor vehicles after all that wine.
  • Wednesday I woke up wearing the same shirt I wore Tuesday.

That brings us to today.  So far so good.  Although, I did just eat a cupcake that has been sitting out for four days.  My how my standards have fallen.