Super Sunday Indeed

by Molly

Super Bowl Weekend is upon us.

Is it completely terrible that I just learned which two teams are playing this week?   Let’s be honest, I’m only really watching for three reasons this year:

  1. This
  2. This
  3. and This

I thought I would also be making the most epic love match of the century, but one of the guests of honor can’t make it.  Blast!   Is a Valentine’s Day party too awkward to try the set up again?  I think maybe.  I’ll have to wait until Mardi Gras.

Confession: I’ve been incredibly disorganized when it comes to hosting this little get together.  I haven’t really planned anything to eat or cleaned my house.  I didn’t send out an evite or any written form of invitation.  It has all been word of mouth.  To my chagrin, it hasn’t had the speakeasy effect I thought it would.  Thankfully, I still have a few days, so I’m not that worried.  Thank God for Pinterest.

Also as a result of my disorganiztaion, I have managed to invite mostly girls.  Poor Terry is going to be rewinding for  us to study cutaways to Giselle and the Kardashians.  What else is new? Maybe we can make a drinking game out of it, and then he won’t mind.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!