Downton Abbey

by Molly

Is my new obsession.

I’ve had several friends recommend that I start watching.  Given my obsession with all things British, I wasn’t surprised by the suggestions.  I anticipated the show would be good, but what I didn’t anticipate are the following:

  • It’s on PBS!!  Titled under “Masterpiece Theater” (for when you try to record it).  Who doesn’t love Masterpiece Theater?  It brought back many a fond memory from 5th grade video in class day.
  • I find myself speaking in a British accent for hours after viewing.
  • Even more concerning than the terrible faux accent is that I find myself wondering why I can’t have servants to bring me breakfast in bed every morning.  Just when I thought my GMA mornings were spoiling me, I realize I can always hope for more.
  • I now address Terry as “My Lordship”
  • Those gowns!  I want them.  All.  Even the black mourning gowns.
  • I want to put my life on hold in order to get caught up to season 2.   I just need one day, a pot of tea, scones, lemon curd, and possibly one beaded gown to get the job done.  And my accent, of course.
  • Terry loves it too!  I totally did not see that coming.   This just enables said obsession.
  • Dame Maggie Smith cracks me up.  The majority of her previous performances have always intimidated me, so I didn’t anticipate giggling during most of her scenes.

Thus, thank you sweet friends for encouraging me to watch.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have something else to talk about besides The Bachelor.  I know you are going to throw Jersey Shore in my face for that one.  But it is true.  No one finds love on reality TV.  72 days.  Need I say more?