Princesses Always Keep Their Clothes On

by Molly

This past weekend we babysat our niece and nephew.  It was a last minute deal, so I had little notice before having to spring into action.  I may or may not have been 1.5 martinis deep before realizing I had to not be typsy anymore.  You could say it was a team effort.  Anna took the early morning shift (due to the martinis), I took the shift when Anna couldn’t be there, and then Terry took the shift when neither Anna or I couldn’t be there.  It just so happened that Anna and I both couldn’t be there for about 5 hours on Saturday.  So we left some instructions for him on a post it, and we were out the door.

About two hours into his shift, I called to check in.  I could tell he was frustrated that Lucy didn’t want to watch 5 straight hours of Baby Einstein.  He said everything was going “well”, and then my mother beeped in.  He didn’t even tell me bye.

I called back about an hour later, and all I hear is “Lucy, Princesses always keep their clothes on.  That’s right, a princess never takes off all of her clothes.”  Then he says “Molly.  She just peed on the couch.  I have to go”

Needless to say, I was shamefully cracking up.  Not just at the situation, but at how Terry always manages to make a funny situation even funnier.

Super Uncle manages to get all of kids loaded into their car seats, dressed, changed, and fed and brings them into the city to meet Anna and me.   While en route he calls me.  Anna is on the phone in the car, so it is kind of difficult to hear him.  We lose connection, and then he calls back.  I answer and all I hear is this tiny child’s voice that says “hello”.  I realize it is Lucy calling me from Terry’s phone, and I’m mildly concerned.  We start chatting, and then she says “Lucy fell down the stairs!”.

What.  Now I’m more than mildly concerned.  I can’t be sure that I heard her correctly with Anna still talking on the phone also, so I decide not to panic just yet.  Minutes later we meet at our house, consolidate into Terry’s car and head to Maggie’s family residence.   Terry asks me if I can drive and to bring him a pack of Nicorette.  This being my first time to drive with children in the back seat, I was focused on staying focused.  But I still managed to side eye Terry and ask how Lucy fell down the stairs.  His reply?

“NO SHE DIDN’T!!!”  He explained she missed just one step, but that she keeps saying she fell all the way down.  Can’t wait to explain that to her parents.

Once we are all together, we are all marveling at Terry’s job well done.  Besides Stairgate 2012, and the costume ballerina tutu she was wearing (backwards), Terry managed to pull it all off without a hitch.  Maggie, Anna, and I are telling him how great he did when he gets to talking.  He mentions he left Lucy upstairs while he went to put the car seats in. UPSTAIRS.  Apparently she asked him not to leave him, and he said he wouldn’t.  He told her to go get dressed while he did “something”.  She catches him just as he is about to walk out the door with a sad expression saying “you said you wouldn’t leave!”  He then says “I know this looks bad.  I promise I’m not actually leaving” and then tells her again to go upstairs and get dressed.

Did I mention Terry is a certified mediator in the state of Texas?

Doesn’t do a whole lot of good when it comes to three year olds.

We told him she probably did fall down the stairs, and he doesn’t even know since she was all ALONE.  Given this was her first time to dress herself EVER, we hope she was too distracted with that to attempt the stairs.  All kidding aside, I really think Terry did a great job.   I also think it is a big compliment to Lucy that he thought she was so capable of taking care of herself.

For the remainder of the evening sanity is restored for Terry, and he is happy munching on his Nicorette.

The next morning the girls are taking care of the kids while Drew and Terry run to get breakfast.  When they get back, Drew gets held up chatting with the neighbor.  We are all patiently waiting to eat our breakfast sandwiches when Lucy asks where her breakfast is.  Apparently, they really didn’t get her anything since she ate earlier.  But who tells a three year old they don’t get any food?

Terry does.

He tells her she doesn’t get one.  Of course he is just teasing her, but she bursts into tears.  I have to turn around because I’m cracking up.  Drew saves the day with part of a bagel and nutella.  Then he asks her if she wants some chocolate milk.  Lucy breaks out a huge grin and asks if he can stir it like her Uncle T does.  Drew gives Terry a curious look.  Apparently Terry let Lucy have four chocolate milks the day before stirring each of them with the espresso foamer.

It wasn’t until the ride home on Sunday that we found out Terry had never really babysat before.