Twenty Twelve

by Molly

I trust everyone is over their NYE hangover by now, and I anticipate we are all looking forward to an exciting, possibly pregnancy filled, 2012.

Terry went hunting for the majority of the weekend, so I was a singleton until Sunday.  This was fun and lame at the same time.  Probably how most single people feel.

Here is the list of perks:

  • A gigantic zit appeared on my chin, and still hasn’t left.  I appreciated Terry missing out on the bulk of that experience.  I also appreciated my brother’s (Drew) counseling on how to pop it.
  • I did a little shopping and was able to put everything away in my closet and destroy all evidence of said shopping.  Now, he can’t prove if I have or have not had it “for years”.
  • I stayed up until 4AM giggling with my friend.  Since the mister had no cell service, I didn’t have to check in and tell him where I was.
  • My puppy got to sleep with me
  • I watched so many episodes of Friends.
  • The Aggies won their bowl game!  I also got to catch up with several old friends at the game without having to drag Terry through every conversation.   Especially the awkward ones with boys from high school.
  • I had a sleepover with my brother and his family.  They graciously took me in since no one wanted to see me spend NYE on my couch alone.   Words cannot do justice the expression on my niece’s face when I told her I would still be there in the morning.  Too freaking cute.
  • I was well rested and not an ounce hungover on January 1st.  In fact, I just finished a 5 mile run when my sister called to tell me she was the exact opposite of my situation. bwaahhaaaa.

Now the list of the lame:

  • My gigantic zit is still here.  It is right below my lower lip, so it looks almost like a cold sore.  So disgusting.  I feel like Hilly Holbrook a la The Help

  • I had to explain to everyone all weekend why Terry wasn’t with me.  And no he isn’t a huge jerk for leaving me alone all weekend.
  • I realized I am the worst aunt ever.  Lucy kept wanting me to play with her.  I really didn’t want to.  So I gave it a half-hearted attempt and then let her mom cover for me.  I still feel so guilty, but probably still wouldn’t do it differently if given the chance.
  • I tried to make all of my single friends feel bad for me that I wasn’t single, but single for NYE.  That probably wasn’t too cool of me.
  • I waited until Terry got home to clean the house and take down all of the Christmas decorations.  Unfortunately, that all coincided with his birthday.  Not how he imagined spending his big day.

The last installment of the weekend ended on a great note with a birthday dinner celebrating Terry’s 29 years.  It was a fun night including all of Terry’s favorite things: chicken spaghetti, red velvet cake, bourbon, and Modern Warfare.

Now on to the good stuff:  Today is our third wedding anniversary!! Go us!  Terry surprised me this morning with a new wedding band.  Eek!!! He is the best!  I felt totally lame because I don’t have anything for him yet.  That is because in preparation for this event, we did a little research on what the third anniversary gift should be.  Per Wikipedia, it is leather (we follow the “Traditional U.S”).   My first thought was of course, assless leather chaps.

And although those would be awesome, we are going to leave it up to fate and pick something out for each other while in California this weekend.  However, San Francisco is probably the best market for assless chaps.  Just saying.

T, thanks for the best three years of my life.  I lava you.