Happy New Year’s Eve Eve

by Molly

I think I might have jumped the gun and celebrated the new year last night.

What started as innocent dinner plans with a friend turned out to be a few beers, bowl of queso for dinner, stop by a random bar only to be hit on by old men kind of night.

We do have a tendency to binge with our chat sessions once we get together.  It’s how we always operate, so I will admit I prepped for a late night.  However, I didn’t anticipate getting home at 4AM.  But it was so fun and totally worth the tired eyes this morning.

We jumped from place to place, spending no less than 2 hours at each location.  At dinner, our waiter opened with “I bring you a bottle of tequila?  No.  Ok, a shot then?”

PS:  What made him ask us that question?  Do I look like I need a bottle of tequila or something?

When the restaurant closed down, we were forced to move onto to seedier establishments.   We were drawn to the nostalgia of a certain location that tends to produce forgotten friends from high school, all looking to see and be seen.  We made a few obligatory hellos, stared down a few that we thought we might know, and then kept to our highly entertaining conversation for the next few hours.

Sounds like the perfect night right?  Just when it couldn’t get any better, this random man drops in on our conversation to ask us to play a game of darts.  We promptly say “no thanks”, but he won’t take no for an answer.  A few of his completely crazy confessions later:  My 19 year marriage just ended, this is my 16 year old daughter at the Eifel Tower, this is a picture of my hand that some woman I dated wanted, these are my family pictures right before my wife divorced me, and did I mention I do mission work internationally?… just to name a few made us realize he was more than likely going to dress up in a Santa suit and probably shoot up the joint.

We quickly made our escape, laughing the whole way to the car.  That bottle of tequila was starting to look like a really good idea, right about now.

I take her home, but we keep talking until it is literally too late/borderline dangerous for me to be driving home sleepy (not drunk this time!).

Needless to say, I didn’t make the morning run I had scheduled for today.  Honestly, I felt pretty good about just getting my high heels on and getting out the door.

I hope everyone rings in 2012 with a fun story.  Enjoy yourselves!!