Office Christmas

by Molly

I haven’t decided yet if I want to stay at home once I have children or not.  The coolest part about my new job is that my boss knows this and is ready for either decision.  How great is that?! He is incredibly open to a lot of different situations, so it is really up to me to decide what I want for me.

I have a long time to debate over this, so I won’t bore you with my hypothetical situations just yet.  If you want to tell me what to do though, I’m more than open to suggestions 🙂

I periodically find myself thinking “I will miss this if I don’t work anymore” or “I will miss this once I have kids”.  I don’t know why I think that way.  It is kind of morbid, right?  It sounds like a tacky country song a la  I will miss her when she is gone… or some nonsense like that.

What triggered this thought today was a gift from one of my co-workers.  All week we have been exchanging baked goods, hand creams, gift cards, heck I even got a smoked turkey.  This time of year is always a little more relaxed around the work place, and I have to admit I love participating in it all.  Even though most of the gifts are relatively inexpensive, it is the camaraderie that they represent which I love.

This type of community may not necessarily be specific to the work place, so maybe I won’t have to “miss it” as much as I thought I would.  If it is, I could just work part time and make sure to collect all the loot anyways.  That smoked turkey looks good.

I wish you and yours a very merry holiday season.