by Molly

I received this text from Maggie yesterday:

“Please enjoy your radio freedom. I am listening to Jake and The Neverland Pirates. For the 500th time.”

I was confused at first because why would I never not have radio freedom? Is this the Hunger Games?

Then it dawned on me Jake and The Neverland Pirates is not an indy band. Maggie is warning me that I will soon lose my ability to blast Tupac/Britney/Dolly Parton/Celine Dion/The Band Perry while pretending I know the words as I sing (or rap) along.

While this is good news for Terry and the poor souls who are stuck next to me at a stoplight, I must admit I was completely blindsided by this one.

Selfish Question: Can this problem be solved by driving a car with a DVD player in the back seat? Pop some headphones on the children and then everyone wins. Right?

If not that, Britney can you please release an awesome children’s album. Kind of like how Shrek is funny for both adults and children?