by Molly

I made an appointment for Terry and myself today for a physical.  It has been almost three years exactly since our last real checkup, so it is definitely time to face the music with our health.

And to conveniently make sure I’m really not pregnant once and for all.   We all know that little test this weekend didn’t give us 100% certainty.

The annoying thing about physicals is that they come with a fat side of blood work.  The needles and such wouldn’t be so bad, except you have to fast until it is time for your appointment.

My appointment isn’t until 1:30PM.   This means I’m going to be very hangry.*  Needless to say, I am totally regretting eating a small dinner last night.  I ate too many Christmas cookies at work, so I thought a small dinner was necessary.  I’m also regretting not waking up at 4AM to make sure I ate a giant breakfast before the 8 hours of fasting started.  If food can’t wake me up at 4AM, nothing really can.

I was doing ok until I got to work.  The first thing I see?  A choocolate bundt cake.  I wanted to rip the piece straight out of my co-workers arms.

Then I check my blogroll to see what is cooking in the blogosphere (pun intended).  The first thing I see?  Cake pops.  Now, I’m just close to tears.

I am strong.  I can do this.  I once did the master cleanse.  I just need to reach deep down inside me and find that same will again.

I just took a sudafed.  I do have a bit of a runny nose, but more importantly I thought it might supress my appetitite.  Here’s hoping.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Terry faints at the sight of needles/blood?  He does, bless his little heart.  And I’m probably going to faint from lack of nourishment.   At least we should keep things entertaining.  Merry Christmas Staff of Baylor Family Medical Clinic, you have something to laugh at for the rest of the week.

*Hangry:  a state of anger and irritability resulting from being hungry