Ride of Terror

by Molly

This morning I took both of my pets to the vet.  I know we’ve discussed Louis quite a bit in this blog, so some of you may not even realize I also have a cat named Miss America.  She is 10 years old, kind of a bitch, and has beautiful blue eyes.  We rescued her when I was in high school, and she has been the longest living pet I have ever had.

Like most former pageant queens, she is a little more flexible in her old age and always hungry.  She sleeps with me at night and will actually stay put in the same spot the entire night.  I can even hold her like a rag doll half the time.  Even though she isn’t as attention grabbing as Louis is, she still has a giant corner of my heart.

However, she hates Louis with every fiber of her being.  She literally pooped on my pillow 3 times after we brought him home two years ago.  She has probably seen The Godfather with me several times, so I think that was her best attempt at getting a horse head in my bed.

Miss America (I call her Missy for short) is constantly taunting poor Louis, and in return he eats all of her food.  It is quite comical to watch, and Terry and I thank our lucky stars every day that Missy has no claws.  If she did, Louis might not have survived in our home.

That brings us to the ride of terror this morning.  I had to have both of them in the confined space of the back seat of my car.  Fortunately, Missy was in her travel crate, so there was a barrier of sorts between them.  We had a short ride, so that was also in our favor.  Missy’s hisses and Louis’ panting were a great accompaniment to the Christmas carol filled trip.

The challenge of getting the mortal enemies into one car is quite the feat.  I can only imagine what it will be like with one or even two small children.  This morning I forgot two things at home (one of which was my Christmas cards that desperately needs to be mailed), and I spilled my coffee while Louis was jerking the leash.

And did I mention I was carrying two bags of poop while doing it all?  Stool sample, schmool sample.