Weekend Update

by Molly

Remember how I said I wasn’t drinking again?

Wait?  Did I not say that?  That’s right.  I would never say that.

I did however,  have a hard time swallowing that first sip of Shiner Cheer (for those of you not from Texas click here) at Lights in the Heights this past weekend.  For those of you not from the Heights, Lights in the Heights is a street party where you can walk around, look at lights, listen to bands on every block, drink adult beverages, and wear festive clothing.  Terry and I decided to make the evening into a date night which was unique to the typical Lights in the Heights scene.  Most people like to go in packs to these types of events, but we enjoyed not having the commotion of a big group.   We got to do our own thing and continually replenish our holiday cheer.

Don’t worry:  we were walking this time,  so we abstained from being any sort of threat to society by operating a motor vehicle.

Our puppy Louis might beg to differ,  as he was at the mercy of his leash.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key.  I saw Breaking Dawn (finally!) with my sister and sister-in-law (Anna and Maggie).  It was of course delightfully indulgent, and it was the first Twilight saga movie I have seen that didn’t require my group to have to split up.

Warning:  very mild Breaking Dawn spoilers below:

I still wasn’t feeling so hot (see previous post), so when it came time for Bella to drink the blood I nearly had to exit the theater.  I literally could not control my gag reflux.

Of course Anna and Maggie just thought that was hilarious.

Then, when Bella finally goes into labor at the end of the movie – you know that whole back snapping in half, blood stained hospital bed, series of vampire bites, complete with CPR finale, part?   Maggie takes that opportunity to lean over and say:

“Don’t worry it is nothing like this in real life”

She damn well better be right!  If I am going to go through any experience such as that one, Terry’s skin best start shimmering, and I better stay ridiculously hot for the rest of my immortal life.

Needless to say, we followed up the weekend with a long run on Sunday and and even longer trip to church.