It’s a San Francisco Treat

by Molly

Terry and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary just short of a month from now with a trip to San Francisco.  We have both never been, so we are looking forward to discovering a new city together.  And drinking lots of wine.

This time of year always makes me smile because it reminds me of that last month of being engaged.  It was so much fun anticipating our wedding and hoping all of our hard work and attention to detail would pay off.    And to finally be called Mr. and Mrs Gage (or ” Senoras Ga-Gay” as everyone in Mexico pronounced it on our honeymoon).

We booked our flight so long ago using free miles on American Airlines gifted to us by my dad.  Thankfully for us, he is tired of the mandatory layover in Dallas.  Now that the time has come to prep for the trip, we realized we were also invited to a wedding in San Diego the same weekend.  And American Airlines filed for bankruptcy.

At least our marriage is still going strong.  We are the only thing holding this trip together!

Never you worry, we are restructuring a trip to make the wedding happen and confirming that American will at least get us partially there and back.  God bless you Southwest Airlines for your great rates.  Despite the headache of moving it all around, I feel very lucky to get the chance to anticipate another fun weekend in our lives as a couple.  Now we get to go to a wedding (one of my favorite things to do!) and spend part of our time in another great city with even greater friends.