Never Say Never

by Molly

Happy Friday!  Today has been kind of busy!  It isn’t even lunchtime, and I have accomplished the following things:

  • Had my grandmother’s dining room furniture delivered to my house.  Hooray!  I inherited it from my older brother Marc, and I’m so glad he let it go.  He knows it too, and he isn’t even phased.  This is why God gives you brothers.
  • Decorated my office for Christmas
  • Actually did some work related things
  • Commited to run a half marathon in March.

What?!!!!!  You read that correctly.  My jeans are still tight, and my sister-in-law caught me in a very weak moment.

very weak moment.

Running a half marathon is something I said I would NEVER EVER WOULD RATHER EAT POISON THAN THINK OF DOING never do.  To be honest, the whole idea still sounds miserable to me.  But the weather is changing to be fun running weather, my sister/sister-in-law/Terry are all running it together, and I was promised cupcakes, cheeseburgers, and beer when I finish.

I did try to argue I could do that part anyways.  You can see where that got me.

And this is is the year of things to do for myself.  So I’m doing it.  I really am trying to say “yes” to as many things as possible because you just never know when you will get the opportunity to do it again.

Terry, if you are reading this, that explains my cyber Monday spending also.