Spotted: Blair Waldorf Pregnant

by Molly

Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, it’s the story of a handful of privileged high school/college age children from New York City’s Upper East Side.  They are magically the most popular people in New York City.  Because of this great burden, they are constantly watched and reported on by the omnipresent “Gossip Girl”.  Her website is linked to every phone in the Tri-state area, so when she reports on this chosen few, the whole East Coast knows about it.

So basically it is just a better version of the early 90’s 90210.  That’s right.  I said it.

Given that the show is set in one of the most fashion forward cities in the world, the clothes are one of the biggest reasons people watch the show.  Chuck Bass is probably the second and only reason people watch the show besides the clothes.

That brings us to my point:  Blaire Waldorf, who shares the role of female protaganist, is pregnant!  Not only might it be Chuck’s baby (it totally is.  I feel it in my bones), but she has access to all of the greatest maternity clothes known to man.

Why screen writers, could you not have waited utnil next season to make her pregnant?!!  Then I could have copied her outfits and literally eaten bon bons while indulging in this Monday night majesty.  At the risk of sounding completely creepy, I am totally bummed that this fictional character and I could not be pregnant together.

See this is what happens when most of your friends are still single.  You resort to your made up friends to share experiences with.

Alas, I will just have to document her outfits to the best of my ability.  This will be a slight challenge for two reasons:  a) the actress that plays her isn’t really pregant therefore creating an unrealistic image of pregnancy b) her character isn’t married yet (to the Prince of Monaco!! squeal!!), so they have to hide her bump for a while.  PS:  The Grimaldi’s were really nice to allow this much creative license.  I guess that is how you compete with Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton! I just realized that maybe she and I can be pregnant together?!  Upgrade!