Christmas Cards

by Molly

Christmas cards have always been one of my most favorite parts of the holiday season.  I love getting updates on everyone we know (you make the nice list if you include both a picture AND a letter).

This year I decided to use Tiny Prints to make our cards because everyone else has had so much success with them in the past.  The previous two years I hired someone to do our holiday greetings, and they ended up looking exactly like everyone that uses Tiny Prints.  Third time’s the charm, eh?

Although I might be saving money, I’m not sure it is actually worth the hassle.  After spending 3 hours on their piece of crap website, I still haven’t been able to physically route my order to the shopping cart.  You would think that would be the one part they made sure worked.  Not only that, the website has crashed numerous times (resulting in a $10 off coupon using the code 10TP75 btdub).  I’m assuming this has something to do with the whole Cyber Monday/Thanksgiving is over I better get my Christmas cards out internet traffic, so I won’t cease and desist just yet.  It isn’t all Tiny Prints fault that I thrive on a deadline.

I do know I really enjoyed designing the card this year.  Mainly because I love looking at myself.  We had so many fun pictures to chose from!  We are looking at only one more year of just me & Terry pictures which is really hard to believe.  I couldn’t help but browse through the new baby cards just to see what I was in for.  Don’t worry, I promptly judged most of them afterwards.

Hooray for the holiday season!