The Puke Test

by Molly

So I “tested” Terry a little earlier than expected.

I ate something bad yesterday afternoon and came home from work feeling terrible.  I had just made it up the stairs to the kitchen, and before I really realized what was happening -I was puking all over the floor.  In the words of my niece, Lucy, “I’m spillin!”

Note:  The bathroom was like 5 feet away from me.

Poor Terry had to clean it up off the floor.  Between periodically running upstairs for fresh air and using almost an entire roll of paper towels, he managed to take care of the situation with complete grace and tact.

He did shout angrily that if I didn’t tell the restaruant, he would.

Of course he knows I would rather him call anyway, so that wasn’t much of a threat.

Next time I’ll try a little something easier out on him.