Lunch Date

by Molly

Before my life was put on hold by a mind numbing illness, I had a lunch date with the my mom, sister, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew. Nordstrom had never seen such cuteness.

I had planned to write this post about how I was late to lunch (because I was on a conference call that would. not. stop.), and how my mom made it very clear to me that toddlers wait for no one to eat.

But then my sister-in-law, Maggie, gave me the most brilliant idea ever.

It all started as Lucy’s (my niece) food arrived to the table. Maggie immediately took the plate, started to cut up the food, and then held the plate away from Lucy until she knew it wasn’t too hot to eat. Maggie then commented that this was one way my life would change – in that I would never just get to dive into my food until the kids had their’s in front of them. Even then, it is hard to get your food down peacefully when you don’t have a doting grandmother and two aunts around.

Then the brilliance struck: She joked I should perform such acts on Terry and see how he reacted to it all. I love the idea of me just grabbing his plate at a restaurant and cutting his food into bite size pieces. He will freak.


So we decided to think of other ways to test Terry to see if he can cut the mustard as a new parent. They are as follows:

  • help him dress
  • wipe his nose
  • clean out his ears
  • wipe his face and hands after he eats
  • serve him with a sippy cup
  • ask him if he has to go potty (this one I would love to do while surrounded by his friends)
  • carry toys and snacks in my purse for him

As I get away with executing the above list, I will document my expereiences. Cleaning his ears will by far be the hardest.