Viva La Wine Country

by Molly

I don’t have a giant extended family.  My parents each have one sibling, and they each have two children – so I have four cousins total.  Two boys and two girls.  How symmetrical is my family?!

Allow me to introduce you to the oldest cousin in the family.  His name is Rod Harris, and he is arguably the coolest guy that ever lived.  He is fourteen years older than I am, so naturally I’ve thought him the bees knees since I was capable of forming thoughts.  In the 80’s he could have been JFK Junior’s body double with his crazy curly hair and tall striped tube socks.  Today he resides in Denver (sans tube socks) and is a sommelier.  That’s right, he drinks wine for a living.  Not only that, he is self taught fluent in spanish.  coolest guy ever.

Well, my mother approaches me this weekend and says that she and my dad are thinking about taking a trip to South America.  They have invited Rod to come and lead them through the wine country.  They aren’t paying for our way (damn!!!), but if we can figure out how to get there then we are more than welcome to join.

I’ll sell myself for this trip.  I’m confident Terry would too.

I pleaded with her to make sure we get it on the books before September 2012.  Hell hath no furry like a pregnant woman who can’t participate in that wine tour.