Sock it to ya

by Molly

I’m not on facebook anymore because I got hacked. Not because my mother is now on facebook. Although, my leaving and her joining did happen around the same time. However; she is my biggest fan of this blog, so we all know she knows the worst about me now. Well…that’s not exactly true because words are never as bad as pictures.

I digress.

Since I’m not a member of the social network, I don’t have access to Pinterest. Total crap, right?!

I’m too proud to join, so I’m just resorting to making my friends and family feel obligated to send me all the things they deem cute. My sweet sister sent me this link the other day, and I was so excited to not only discover the cutest blog ever, but also to learn this new trick (read: possible “mom-do”) with my hair: SOCK BUN CURLS. Sounds so freaky, right? For those of you too lazy to go to click the link (I’m one of you, so I promise I’m not judging), it is a way to curl your hair in the most glorious fashion using only a sock with the toe cut off.

I followed her steps exactly, even making the trek to target to purchase children’s socks. I used these products in my hair in an effort to hold the curl. I was also completely confused on what she meant by “child’s size” sock. There are like 4 different types of children’s sized socks. If you aren’t a parent, you don’t exactly know what the subgroups represent. I went with boys toddler crew 4T-5T because I thought boys would be bigger than the girls socks and because I was too afraid to commit to anything larger than toddler because it looked just like one of my socks.

Call me Nancy Drew, and I’ll answer.

Here I am all wrapped up and ready for sock bun success. Terry told me that I look like Olive Oil from Popeye. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I really just hope I don’t look like an idiot with too tight of curls because I went with toddler sized socks when this is all said and done.

The best part of this story is that I finished getting ready for bed and then popped a benadryl to combat a little cold I’m fighting. As I swallowed the pink pill, I realized I had taken a water pill earlier in the afternoon to help relieve a little pesky water retention that I can’t shake.

Should be an interesting night.