Remember the Baby Bucket List!

by Molly

This past week after a particularly long day at work followed by a long night of teaching CPR, I got a call from a friend to meet her and a good friend from college (that I never get to see) at a bar close to my home.  My initial thought was “noooo so sleepy and I look frumpy”.  So I decided to drive home, change my clothes, and then maybe go back out.

En route, I called home to check in with the posse.  In case I failed to mention earlier, both my brother and sister are periodically staying with us until they can set up more permanent residences of their own.   Drew, the brother, is married with two small children.  I secretly love watching him feel guilty about doing fun things with us while his rockstar wife is moving them from California, raising two toddlers, and not going completely insane while doing it all.  Not because I’m mean, but because I think he is sweet for feeling bad.

Anyways, back to the story:  I call home and check in to see what everyone is up to.  They are all in their PJ’s and not in the going out mood, so I can’t con anyone into going with me.  At this point I realize if I go home to change, I won’t be leaving to meet my friends at the bar.  As I waiver back and forth on the phone, Drew shouts out “Do it!! Remember the baby bucket list!  Your nights out are numbered!”

That was all the motivation I needed.  I happily joined up with my friends for a really fun night of catching up sans the guilt.