Trick or Treat

by Molly

My new job starts tomorrow, so I have the day off.  How fun is that?

I started my morning by sleeping in until 10.  Not terribly late, but my puppy Louis kept jumping on me, so I couldn’t go any longer.

Then I made a trip to our local coffee shop for a cappuccino.  When I think of a cappuccino, this is what I think of.   Obviously I’m not in Italy, so I didn’t have that high of expectations.  But what I did expect was some coffee.   When I picked up my cup, and it felt empty, I was concerned.  I went to add a packet of Splenda, and realized there was absolutely no brown surfacing as I stirred in the faux sugar.   I approached the unfriendly barista and said “trick or treat” thinking he would think it was funny.  He didn’t.  Then I asked him if he could add just a little more drip coffee, as this cappuccino didn’t seem to have any coffee in it.  That isn’t rude or unreasonable, right?!

He sassily replied “It is a one shot cappuccino, so you get one shot of espresso and equal parts steamed milk”.   Um.  A whole 12 oz cup of steamed milk is not “equal”.  I hate to pull the accountant card, but I know my ratios.

He reluctantly added about a tablespoon of drip coffee to said “cappuccino” and I was on my way.   I wanted to say “I don’t come here for the steamed milk”, but I didn’t.  I guess I’ll be stopping for coffee later this afternoon.   At Starbucks.

At least once I’m pregnant, I know exactly where to go to get coffee that won’t cause any danger to my baby.

Now that I’m home, I have a whole day of nothing ahead of me.  I have never been a fan of scary movies because quite honestly they scare the crap out of me.  Even the stupid totally not plausible ones!  Given that it is Halloween, and since I have nothing else to do (and it is still light outside ) – I’m challenging myself to the Halloween marathon on TV today.  I think this experience might make me a more well rounded parent.  No?   Can’t let my children know I fear things.

So bring it on Michael Myers.  I heard you don’t even make an appearance in Halloween III.  You and the coffee in my cappuccino have that in common.