I’m a Wreck

by Molly

This is how I kicked off last weekend 😦

Of course it wasn’t my fault. But I’m paying the price for it with a Toyota Corolla that doesn’t have automatic lights.

I’m waiting to hear the results of the damage, so everyone cross their fingers right now that it isn’t totaled!

If it is totaled, what the heck am I going to do? Terry and I had planned to purchase an SUV once the baby came, but obviously that will be a couple years away. I don’t want it noooww. The DVD player will be obsolete by the time we have a child! So do I replace what I had? Buy something that I plan to have for a short time? Lease?

I know I’m worrying for no reason since it may not be totaled. But I like to worry for no reason. It makes me feel like I’m being proactive.

Despite the whole situation being pretty awful, it was kind of awesome closing down an entire lane of a major freeway during rush hour on a Friday. I’m not encouraging that for anyone’s bucket list, but it was pretty freaking cool just the same.

Glass half full right?!